Nancy S. Kirkpatrick, JD, MS

Nancy S. Kirkpatrick is the Executive Director and CEO of OhioNet, a multitype library consortium representing a diverse membership throughout Ohio and the region. She practiced non-profit law and advocacy before entering the library space, where she has over a decade of experience. An ALA Spectrum Scholar, she holds an MS in Library and Information Science from the iSchool (formerly GSLIS) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a JD from the TC Williams School of Law at the University of Richmond, and a BA in Journalism from Drake University.

Nancy has certifications in Human Centered Design Practitioner and Creating Workplace Wellbeing, and is currently completing Facilitator certifications in Appreciative Inquiry and Conversations Worth Having. She is interested in applying these concepts to work in libraries and related industries. She also enjoys writing, and you can find her most recent work in a series of short pieces on the OhioNet blog called the Director's Desk (

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Executive Director & CEO
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"Everything's fine" and Other Fairy Tales

Change – growth - is hard, plain and simple. It can also be incredibly rewarding and lead to breakthroughs, innovation, and unanticipated success. Join me as we examine the topic through both a personal and organizational lens and talk about how we can navigate change while maintaining our civility, sanity, and perspective.